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Cleanliness is next to godliness. It is a proverb which highlights the importance of cleanliness. Moving further in the same direction, if the house is well decorated; it will be a good attempt to bring in prosperity and happiness. It also has a great impact on the way we think. If we are surrounded by beautiful things, how mentality will be creative. Some very creative home decor ideas of the 21st century are here for you. 

Usage of paintings
Everything in the world speaks something because it has energy. The paintings that you are using have a great impact on the overall appearance of the house. One painting can take the aesthetic beauty to another level. 2-3 paintings are fairly permitted according to the standards of home decor. There can be a beautiful peacock, running horses, flowers, an antique picture, a beautiful scenery or a painting of an abstract design.

The trend of contrast
Contrast is ruling these days in the fashion world. It makes things eye catchy. The world of interiordecoration is also influenced by it. There can be beautiful combinations of sky blue and bright orange, black with dark Maroon, dark grey with royal blue, etc. This contrasting Shades clearly defines where are the things are. It also highlights that things are kept systematically. There can be a combination of contrasting colors. Along with the combination of blue and dark grey there can be cream colored walls and dark green showpiece on the centre table. Similarly the combination of white, black and grey is the deadliest one.

Centre table: the centre of attraction
The centre table in the drawing room of the house is alone sufficient to become the centre of attraction. There can be e a beautiful showpiece on it. The showpiece can be antique also. However it should be heavy and durable because if it happens to be lightweight and children keep coming to your house, it can be at stake. A fruit basket on the centre table can also add to the aesthetics of the home decor. A very popular shape for keeping the fruits is of cornice. It is so intricate in design and this complexity makes it look so beautiful. So the centre table can be a very attractive spot.

The classy chandelier
The usage of chandelier in decorating the household is a very traditional concept. It came from the Royal families. It needs space. It adds to the magnificence of the house. A stunning chandelier gives the royal feeling. There are traditional as well as modern chandeliers available in the market. If your entire house is decorated traditionally, go for a traditional looking chandelier and vice versa. The basic purpose of a chandelier is to who spread light. Its importance is more at the time of parties or gatherings. Please take care of the safety with a chandelier. Buy it from a very authentic source so that it keeps hanging well.

Stunning ceiling decor
The ceiling of the room also needs your attention a little. There are a great number of designs these days in the market. There can be different ways of incorporating lights in them. The most important thing in designing a ceiling is choosing the right color of it. It is not necessary that the ceiling is also painted the way the wall is. There is a challenge of creativity these days in designing the most beautiful ceilings. You can create one of the most spectacular designs by giving a little thought to it.

Hope this home decor ideas would be liked by you and your house would look really ultimate after bringing these changes. A decorated house speaks a lot about the family that lives in. Therefore it is really worth to invest time money and energy to decorate your house and feel the best.



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