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Who wouldn’t love to give his/her home a fresh new look. It is not necessarily to be an expensive proposition by replacing a lot of things and repainting of walls. Rather, a few small changes or additions and re-positioning of furniture can bring about a great impact, as opined by a leading Home Decorator in Mumbai.

It could be addition of a mirror, a painting, a lamp or a plant. May be a little toning with the room will prove to be a great move to get more harmony and warmth. It's mainly about the power of envisioning and creativity of your Home Decorator.Take a tour of some design tips to get more insights.

1. Color the smaller rooms softer and lighter to help make the rooms feel larger.
Small rooms have tendencies to seem full and cramped, but the large windows, light colored walls and ample use of mirrors not only reflect the natural light pouring in from the doors and the windows but the use of mirrors also gives the optical illusion of space, making the room seem larger than it actually is. Conversely, darker shades make a room seem more compact and smaller. In that case, even the strategic placement of the mirrors also doesn’t help much.

2. Make your living space seem larger and more lighted by using decorative mirrors Mirrors are used to make the small space feel larger. For larger rooms, or any room with a limited amount of natural light, Interior Decorators advise that using mirrors placed directly across from the windows, will add instant light. Decorative mirrors can also be used in lieu of art or pictures to fill empty wall space. Large or small, mirrors add light and dimension to your living space.

3. Bring balance by mixing old and new, expensive and inexpensive
It's is quite natural and never wrong to place family heirlooms alongside your modern furniture, say's a Mumbai based Interior Decorator, After all it is your home and you value your tradition and background. Your past may have many memories and experiences attached to those old furniture and you just can’t throw them away for the sake of decoration.' Very well , you need not to, but there should be harmony between the old and new.

4. Change slipcovers to give your room a make over
Slipcovers are truly wonderful things to produce a great new look effect in your room even if you don’t change anything else. They can serve as a means of changing your furniture’s look to reflect the seasons. These easily removable coverings allow you to have a sophisticated look without constantly worrying about people dirtying or spilling on your furniture.

5. Wicker baskets and trays
Home decorators often find items such as Wicker baskets and trays to be used as an economical yet dignified way to add storages to your room. Baskets can be used to store and display books, architectural and decor magazines, toys, towels and blankets to name a few. Place a couple of small wicker baskets on the counter-tops in your kitchen to beautifully display and store your fruit and vegetables.

6. Use your rejects to decorate your home
We can make use of some of our old and rejected items to decorate our homes. They might turn out to be unusual but beautiful options to decorate blank spaces. Instead of running to the shop, take a good look at what you already have. Trays, wooden, acrylic, metal or silver can be placed on top of luggage racks, tea carts, trunks, bedside tables and coffee tables for extra texture and dimension. Arrange candles on them, frames or pile books on top of them. Plates can be hung to create wonderful wall art. Art from children’s books can be framed and hung in nurseries, children’s rooms or their bathrooms. You will be amazed at what you can do with what you already have!

7. Add a hanging pot holder to your kitchen
Kitchen is equally important as any other rooms in your home. It must be designed to accommodate all useful accessories and yet provide enough space for you. Use of wall and table top with portable or fixed type light metal baskets, trays or hanging pot racks add usefulness and elegance.  Also, they are great space savers because they free up lot of space in the cupboard as well. They come in many styles and sizes.

8. Color your bookcase to transform your room
A well maintained bookcase is always a very attractive object for interior decoration. Coloring it with paints or wallpapers with matching or contrasting shades will lift the status of the room. It’s amazing how something so simple as a coat of colorful paint can instantly energize and transform your space. Interior decoration ideas say that perhaps the simplest and most inexpensive way to transform a boring space is to apply a coat of paint somewhere unexpected. Bookcases are an ideal place to start because you don’t need to paint a large area.

9.  Good painting and use of tiles create a decent makeover of your old bathroom
Bathrooms generally being smaller in size look very compact and tidy with combination of light color painting and some decent tiles. Home decorators add extra values to it by swapping some inexpensive accessories and placing them strategically. it is wonderful to bring in a feeling of harmony in the bathroom with just a few inexpensive alterations and additions, such as a basin cabinet or a shower curtain.


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