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Congratulations!!! You’re just a while away from welcoming a beautiful bundle of joy inside your house. This can be a great way to start modeling your house making it child safe. You may have been overwhelmed with new ideas to design your baby room. Having a clean, durable and well-presented room for a child to grow up in can come to anyone's mind. You also have a list of themes and characters, colors and designs that come to the top of your head. Fulfilling these dreams require working with a top interior designer firm in Mumbai that can accommodate your requirements and home interior specifications. Vinayakk Interior offers plenty of options that can best suit your specification and fit in your budget.

Here is a list of reasons why choosing Vinayakk Interior for your home or room design is important:-

Safety is every parent's first concern while designing a home interior. If a child's room has slippery or hard based flooring, the toddler can get injured and can pose a threat to life. Choosing smart furniture that does not have sharp edges and applying carpets and rugs on the floor, can be a safer choice for rooms that will ensure child safety even through the growing years to come.

We all want a dream house that our child can learn to grow up in. However, understanding the costs involved in redesigning and remodeling a room to suit the new member of the family can create a pinch in the pocket. For example, sound insulation for better sleep. Bright painted walls, durable types of furniture, safe and spacious, etc. We provide a variety of interior designing and furniture that are easily affordable without compromising on quality.

The interior design of the room should always survive the hard play and food spills that every child encounters during a part of life. Having more durable furniture in rooms like these is essential to avoid breakage. Using pieces of furniture that can stand rough use and prevent stains from causing long-term damage is crucial.

A child or kids room can get really messy and disorganized and it can be really troublesome to clean every crack and corner of a room. Having a sensible furniture design that is lightweight, has wheels or fitted with legs can be much easier to move or clean under. Attractive closets with drawers and cupboards are an added asset to keep a child's toys, books, and clothes.
This part revolves around the factors that influence the room such as lighting, design, color, fabrics, etc. Vinayakk Interior extends their service with engineering layouts and gives advice to best suit the room, allowing plenty of ventilation and space for a child to stay healthy and play.

Bonus tips on best color combinations:
1. Red: Excitement and energetic
2. Blue: Study productivity and cooling
3. Green: Peace and relaxation
4. White: Heavenly and clean
5. Purple: Creativity and passion
6. Yellow: Focus and happiness
7. Orange: Bold and independent

When it sums down to getting the best home interior designs, Vinayakk Interior has the knowledge and experience to provide new trending state of the art furniture designs to accommodate and kids or children room. We feature safe, flexible, affordable and durable furniture designs that encourage space and happiness to the ambiance. We maintain our quality and appeal with multiple choices for designs that are as unique as your home. We create rooms with a personality that personifies your style of living.


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