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  • Stove – The stove is one of the most essential parts of the kitchen and it represents the fire element and it should be placed where the lord of the fire exists and that place is the southeast corner of the kitchen. Also, remember that cooking should be done facing the east direction
  • Sink – Sink should always be kept in the northeast direction as it represents the water. Also, remember that the sink and stove should never be kept beside each other as the opposite elements and repel each other.
  • Storage – According to the kitchen vastu principle, storage cupboards should be fitted in the southern and western walls of the kitchen. Two directions you should avoid are the northern and eastern walls.
  • Electrical appliances – Since most of the kitchen appliances are related to fire they should be placed in the southeast direction. As always don’t keep them in the northeast direction.
  • Drinking-Water – According to Vastu Shastra, the placement of the drinking water is very important. Water bottles, R/O purifiers, earthen pot, or any water-related vessels should be kept in the northeast direction.
  • Entrance – Just like the layout the entrance of the kitchen is also very important. The door of the kitchen should be on the east, west, or north side.
  • Toilet/bathroom – Toilet/bathroom should not be above, below, or adjoining to the kitchen.
  • The kitchen should be in the East, South-East or North-West part of the house.
  • The platform should be in the East and South-East corners, and the hob should be placed in the South-East corner, a few inches away from the wall.
  • Place the sink in the North-East section of the kitchen, on the same side keep your drinking water and glasses too.
  • Good colours to use for the kitchen floor and walls are orange, red, yellow, brown, and rose pink. 

Kitchen must have – handless, soft close hardware, under cabinet led

Duct vs ductless
 Duct chimney -A duct or ducted chimney uses a large pipe to expel the smoke and heat from the kitchen.
A duct chimney is capable of transferring hot air, moisture, dirty air, and smoke from your kitchen
Duct chimneys also operate silently

Ductless chimney
a ductless chimney uses an exhaust fan to filter out the dirty air and smoke. Its main purpose is to improve the quality of the air inside the kitchen

The kitchen ductless chimney is very nice to look at and ideal for a decorated kitchen. This is because no wall pipes or holes are needed to install a ductless chimney

The main advantage of ductless chimneys is that they’re very easy to install Also, ductless chimneys are more affordable than ducted ones.
Build in vs counter top


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