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Hot tips for home interior design 2018

By Vinayak Interior

Fri, May 18, 2018


Gone are the days when people just filled their homes with the basic furniture needs that compliment a home. With the world advancing and becoming more technological. The need for smarter pieces of furniture for new housing designs is increasing overnight, with people opting for customized designs that are exquisite to their taste. We at Vinay Interior thought we could offer our help in picking the right styling for your home design. We provide a variety of customized and standard home designs that can suit your requirements. Our designs are available at affordable rates that best suit your remodeling budget.

Here are a few factors that influence your interior designs for the year 2018 and going forward:-

  • Bold Colors:

2018, has given rise to the new fashion of going bold on colors. In comparison to traditional colors, the new bold look describes confidence and vibrant color direction. Colors like red, green, and purple, to name a few are considered to stand out creating a new generation look and emitting the boring old general wall color. Colors can be accommodated to best suit the interior furniture designs and provide an excellent contrast. You can now throw matching pillowcases, carpets furniture, wall art, and beds design that further compliment these colors.

  • Accessories:

Accessories play an important role in the appeal of the room. Furniture, that is purely based on the design to add appeal to a room, is perfect for adding additional accessories, for example, art, bookshelves, kitchen shelves, chairs, and showcases to hold accessories play an important role in complimenting any given room. Accessories that hold sentimental value can also be accommodated with furniture designs to create a theme. This can help create a focal point or a centerpiece of a room such as a chandelier, a library, a giant T.V screen etc. It is best to consult with Vinayak Interior, a skilled an experienced company that are the best residential interior designers in Mumbai. Known for our quality and home design creativity.

  • Multiple finishes and darker appeal:

Recently metals like brass are making a comeback in the furniture industry with wood furniture with brass fittings becoming a common trend in 2018 for home interior designs. Metal and wood finishes are widely used in work areas, hotels and are now being incorporated into homes to give a more luxurious and warm feel in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, cabinets etc.

Note: Just remember that the metals should complement the room not overpower it. Vinayak Interior can help scale and proportion the right furniture designs to suit your home.

  • Furniture:

 Pick furniture designs that are made from the best quality of raw material. We at Vinayak Interior use genuine tree wood based on different qualities and tree furniture that suits your budget. Our items of furniture can accommodate a vintage or a futuristic look, adding to the customized theme of your home design.

  • Spacing:

Spacing of furniture plays a very important role in a home interior design. No one likes furniture designs that do not compliment the room, stick out or occupy a lot of space. A room should have all the necessities for luxury without agreeing on mobility and ventilation in the room. We create designs for homes that include the features of both worlds. Furniture that not only supports all luxuries in a room but also provides ample amount of space, making the room feel large and proud enough to give an aesthetic appeal.


In conclusion:

Vinayak Interior can offer furniture designs and room planning that can impress your friends, relatives, and guests. Providing a pleasurable accommodation to live in can reflect on your daily mood and lifestyle. Comfort can be found in our home designs. Our customized designs and our own stylish furniture patterns can help convert your house into a fun and exotic living home.


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